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SEO isn’t optional any more, its a pivotal component of any marketing strategy.

These days, search engine optimization (also known as SEO) is essential to marketing your business in any industry.  One thing is for certain, however, local SEO for small businesses, is a lot different than a regular SEO campaign, and local search results change on a rapid basis.

From marketing, to the type of links you include on your website, the following are some techniques to remember when looking for results from your local SEO services.

Address Everything

NAP (also known as Name, Address, Phone Number), is information you should have on every page of your website.  In addition, you must have this placed with the exact same font and format throughout your entire site, NOT just your landing page.  Be consistent!

In addition, whenever your local business is mentioned online, it is known as a “citation.”  Local directory websites, like : Yelp, and Craigslist often have profiles you can fill out, as long as you enter your NAP.  If you change the format or anything else between what is on your site, and what is online in your profiles, your search engine rankings will go down.

Believe it or not, the search engines pay very close attention to how everything is coded and formatted both on your website, as well as online.  If you have a certain way of hyphenating an address, or abbreviating a street, stay consistent with that throughout everything you do.

To understand the most succesful formatting for your NAP, you can visit Schema.org, a company that researches data schemes in search engines.

Claim Your Business Page

Since the whole point of SEO is to appeal to search engines, you may want to let them know that you’re here.  Google my Business is an extension of the search engine Google, that also applies to Google maps, and their social media platform, Google+.

Setting this up is fairly simple, if you just follow the prompts.  One thing to remember, however, is just like your NAP, Google is looking for specific formatting when they’re recommending your business through a search.

The following are some key points that will best appeal to consumers when you’re setting up your “Google my Business” profile:

  • Photos, photos, photos.  You can never upload enough, and with the guaranteed short attention span of people online these days, this is a surefire way to garner immediate attention.
  • Categorize your business correctly.
  • Add your hours of operation, in the correct format.
  • Add a description for your local business, with informative links.
  • Collect real reviews from consumers.

Local Reviews

This type of marketing is probably at it’s peak of importance, because of the speed of the internet.  If something goes wrong at a restaurant, or someone has to wait too long for a changed tire, there are numerous sites they can literally complain to, right in your presence.  In other words, dissatisfaction is in real time now.

That being said, local business owners often forget to request reviews.  There is no shame, if a customer had a good experience, to solicit a good review from them.  If you have filled out your Google business profile, then Google reviews should be the most effective to your business.  There are a few ways to solicit reviews:

If you have a contact list for your customer base, sending out an e-mail blast, or even holiday cards, with a link to review sites, is the manual means of requesting feedback.

Another way to approach review acquisition, is to link the review sites directly to your own.  This is the fastest and most effective means of asking for a review.  If you have a customer checking out your menu for the first time, or even a repeat patron, if they’re already on your site, they’re much more likely to leave a review online.

Local Content

Also known as on-page SEO, the content you are providing on your website is also important.  Adding a location, like a city and/or region, and keyword, to the following, will ensure the best coverage:

  • Landing page title tag
  • Landing page H1 tag
  • URL
  • Within all content
  • Landing page image ALT attributes

Lastly, it also doesn’t hurt to embed a Google map with the location of your business, for further reference.  You should also check that your website is mobile friendly, especially if you’re in an industry, like the restaurant industry, where people make split decisions on doing business with you.

Although there are many more things you can do to improve your local SEO, these few simple tasks are a great place to start.  Through great content, letting Google know where you are, and effective and genuine customer reviews, you should be on your way to great local SEO.

How do we do it? We have an amazingly skilled team  in Vancouver that does great things. It’s that simple. We know local SEO for Canadians. That means we know how to help your business get better at attracting new customers. 


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