Interpreting, translation, and conference equipment for all languages

Our professional translation company delivers the best quality interpreting, translation, and conference equipment support services for all languages in the USA and Canada. Our certified translators and interpreters hold American Translators Association (ATA) Certification, Court Interpreting Certification, degrees in interpreting and translation, advanced degrees, rich knowledge and experience, and customer service skills. Our elite translation agency offers unique insight into languages to advance cross-cultural and international communication for a global economy. Our services for translation, conference interpreting, consecutive interpreting, court interpreting, over the phone interpreting, simultaneous interpreting/simultaneous translation, and simultaneous interpreting conference equipment support receive high praise for professionalism and quality.

Our professional translation agency delivers outstanding language translation services. We arrange the best translators, editors, proofreaders, and desktop publishers to work on document translation, and produce the highest-quality translation products. Our expert translators deliver document translation services for a wide range of topics. Our Chinese translators and Spanish translators regularly translate academic papers, contracts, legal documents, medical records, patents, records of court proceedings, and technical manuals. Our certified translators hold American Translators Association (ATA) Certification, National Association of Judiciary Interpreters & Translators (NAJIT) Certification, Court Interpreting Certification, degrees in interpreting and translation, advanced degrees, and industry-specific expertise. We discuss the importance of each of these qualifications in our article Top 10 Interpreting and Translation Qualifications.

Document translation of top quality and accuracy requires the attention of the best translators with specific knowledge and expertise. Technical translators deliver technical translation for science, technology, engineering, and math content. Legal translators use their knowledge of law and legal procedures for legal translation. Medical translators have great familiarity with health and science topics for medical translation. Sight translators deliver in-person and over the phone sight translationCertified translation offers an additional guarantee of accuracy and reliability. Website translators can also translate websites for local and global audiences, as described in 5 Strategies for Translation and Localization of Websites.

Our translation company follows translation and interpreting industry trends to continue to deliver the best quality translation services for all languages. Check out the blog to read more about Chinese translation topics with 5 things not to do in Chinese translationChinese to English translation, and Chinese translation interprets meaning. Also, read about the importance of Korean translation at the blog articles Korean translation for reunification and Korean to English translation promotes literature and cuisine.

Our translation company’s conference interpreters are prepared to deliver conference interpreting, simultaneous interpreting or simultaneous translation, and consecutive interpreting services. Our professional conference interpreters interpret live, in-person at important conferences, events, and meetings. Our Chinese conference interpreters, for example, clearly communicate with genuine tone, emphasis, and style to convey meaning accurately and precisely. Our conference interpreters’ work at Fortune 500 companies, the US Department of State, the United Nations, and the World Bank advances their knowledge and experience with international business and diplomacy. Our translation company has delivered Chinese conference interpreters, Japanese conference interpreters, Korean conference interpreters, Spanish conference interpreters, and Turkish conference interpreters for conferences in Washington, DC, NYC, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

Government officials often rely on conference interpreters to streamline high-level events, meetings, and conferences. Read about the importance of conference interpreting, or simultaneous interpreting, at Simultaneous interpreting speeds up conferences. Check out Chinese interpreting for US diplomacy to see the importance of Chinese conference interpreting services for diplomats.

Our translation company delivers professional consecutive interpreting services for all languages. Our consecutive interpreters have industry-specific knowledge and experience with a variety of topics in academia, business, culture, diplomacy, entertainment, government, law, medicine, policy, science, and technology. Our consecutive interpreters deliver live, in-person consecutive interpreting at conferences, executive education and training programs, expositions, events, inspections, interviews, medical checkups, negotiations, meetings, tours, and visits.

Consecutive interpreters enjoy the most social interaction with the speakers. Japanese interpreters and translators support cherry blossom festivals as they deliver liaison interpreting between Japanese and English. Interpreting with Alexandra Barazzone gives an example of the incredible career of a French consecutive interpreter. Chinese interpreters and translators for spiritual and funny ideas gives an example of a Chinese consecutive interpreting assignment to deliver liaison interpreting for a monk. Russian interpreting for toasts shows how Russian consecutive interpreters improvise to convey meaning at social events.

Our translation agency delivers court interpreting services for all languages. Our certified court interpreters possess legal experience and knowledge through their work at the US Federal Court, US State Courts, and law firms. They interpret live, in-person, and over the phone to facilitate attorney to client communication on all legal matters. For example, court interpreters and translators assist with contracts, depositions, legal documents, hearings, immigration procedures, and testimony. In addition, court translators and interpreters provide translation and transcription services. Read about the 5 Best Practices for Court Interpreting.

Our translation agency delivers over the phone interpreting services for all languages. Over the phone interpreting (OPI) knocks down communication barriers. Our phone interpreters interpret on three-way phone calls and video conference calls. Preparation in advance for each call results in high-quality performance. They request a description of the conversation topic in advance and require a minimum one-hour reservation at a specific time set in advance. In addition, they provide Skype and video remote interpreting (VRI) services. The audio and visual components of video conference calls allow the speakers to quickly establish rapport. For example, a Chinese patient at a clinic or hospital may call a Chinese phone interpreter to better communicate with an English-speaking doctor.

OPI combined with cell phone technology allows individuals to keep live interpreters at their fingertips. Basically, this is how to make a three-way phone call with an interpreter from an iPhone or Android cell phone. First, call the interpreter. Say hello and introduce the topic of the conversation. Second, tap “add call” with the “+” icon button, and call the speaker of the other language. Third, tap “merge” or “merge calls.” Speak directly to the speaker of the other language. Pause regularly to allow the interpreter to interpret consecutively. When finished, wrap up the conversation with the speaker of the other language, and let the interpreter know that the phone call is complete. Tap the name of each speaker to end each call one at a time, or tap “end” to hang up on all of the calls at once.

Read more about how phone interpreters deliver over the phone interpreting to prepare in advance for successful calls. OPI adds the convenience of time zone and location. Japanese to English over the phone interpreting gives an example of how our Japanese interpreters deliver consecutive interpreting over the phone.

Our translation agency delivers the best quality simultaneous interpreting, or simultaneous translation, services for all languages. Our simultaneous interpreters demonstrate high energy and intelligence to deliver speed, accuracy, and precision. Two interpreters rotate every 20-30 minutes in the soundproof interpretation booth. This allows them to take mental breaks from the demanding task. Tech-savvy, they are quite familiar with state-of-the-art equipment and technology. For example, our Chinese conference interpreter Philip Rosen interpreted simultaneously from English to Mandarin Chinese at the final 2016 Presidential Debate here. Read about how interpreters listen and quickly speak to almost immediately convey the meaning hereKorean interpreters for North Korea diplomacy shows how simultaneous Korean interpreters may facilitate diplomacy.

Our translation agency arranges conference equipment support for simultaneous interpreting, or simultaneous translation, conference interpreting, and consecutive interpreting assignments. Our team of simultaneous interpreters, conference interpreters, and technicians work together to deliver outstanding listening experiences at important events, meetings, and conferences. The technician sets up the conference equipment—a soundproof interpretation booth, headsets, microphones, and transmitters—about 90 minutes to 2 hours in advance of the conference, event, or meeting. The audience members listen to their selected language with the provided receivers and headsets while the interpreters simultaneously interpret in the booth. Read 10 questions on conference equipment for interpreting services to learn more.

We provide language instruction via Skype lessons for business, culture, education, and travel preparation. Our professional English instructor teaches English lessons via Skype for American culture. Our Chinese linguists instruct Chinese lessons via Skype for Asian culture.