E-mail Marketing

The Benefits of Email Marketing

 Did you know… in terms of return on investment, that the most powerful form of technology used in Digital Marketing today is still email marketing?

Email marketing is an effective tool for turning your online community into buyers.  And it should be an essential part of your online marketing strategy.

Email Marketing helps you build relationships, gather important data, and turn your reading audience into customers.

Here is some things to consider about why e-mail is so important:

If you are doing pay per click ads and you stop paying…  expect the traffic to stop.

If you have spent a lot of time on SEO and Google changes its rules your page ranking will suffer.

If you already have an existing customer base, with no easy way to reach them… they will be unaware and unable to take advantage of any new offers or services.

And with Social Media don’t expect every post to go viral because it is never just that easy.

But if you can take your website and combine it with some or all of those platforms you can quickly generate a list of customers that you can consistently reach and who are ready to buy.

And the best part is you own that list now. It is yours!

This is how you can take control, and grow your business to it’s full potential.

You can now use email marketing to :

–          Instilling a desire for your product or service

–          Build an engaged audience

–          Creating a top of mind presence

–          Improve customer relations with things like surveys (did you know surveyed customers are twice as likely to buy from you?)

–          And Calls to action to sell products and services


When you hire a profession at LG Digital you can expect

  •  Your emails to reach your customers.  Staying out of the spam filters and into inboxes.
  • We have High open rates.  We take the time to craft your subject lines using value driven content.
  • And what all good marketing provides which is Data collection and tracking
  • Wouldn’t you love to know what your customers are looking at? Interested in? and clicking on?  Come on this is powerful stuff!


Email marketing is a relationship-building tool.

But it is also a data collection tool.  And knowing the data takes the guesswork out of advertising.

You can expect results and it is inexpensive to set up.

Take this time to contact us now to learn more of how you can benefit from this valuable tool.   As always we look forward to showing you the power of what digital marketing can do for you.

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