Video Production

LG DIGITAL is the clear choice for your next video production.

Having the right kind of video online will attract the right kind of traffic to your site and give your product or service more exposure than you could ever imagine. Next to word of mouth, a quality video has proven to be the most powerful marketing tool you can use today.  
When you create your video you will not only want to complete your project on time and on budget.   But also explore the questions…..”What am I really trying to accomplish with this video” and “How am I going to get my target market to view it?”

When we create a video we focus on:

1. Communication

LG Digital will start with a discovery meeting about your video project. You may not understand the technical aspects of some of the work that is required to complete a project, but you should have a clear understanding of the creative direction. One tool we can use is story boards to communicate your vision with the production team to ensure your final project and purpose of creating the video exceeds your expectations.

2. Skills & Equipment

LG Digital will provide a great production crew with over 15 years of experience. Our crew is creative and has the expertise to provide a unique script with a concept development like no other, and most importantly LG Digital will provide high production values. Our production team is armed with the latest equipment that provides advanced shooting techniques.

Post production is flawless in editing, adding graphics, and adding just the right music, giving it the final touches for that professional look.

With a quick search online, you can view past projects from our crew to see what we are capable of.

3. Budget

There are a lot of talented video crews that have the skills to provide a professional video. What many companies struggle with, is keeping the production value high while working with lower budgets. Compare how much it cost them to create those past videos. Look at the bottom line. Our skilled production team can make a $2,000 dollar production piece look like you have spent 5 times that budget.

4. Marketing

LG Digital has a crew that has produced corporate videos for different uses. One example is client testimonials, posted online. There are promotional videos, staff training videos, product demonstrations and educational videos. The fact is whatever the use, or the target audience, you need a video which will quickly draw the viewers’ attention, and by doing so, it becomes easy to win over, promote, instruct, educate, demonstrate or advertise to your targeted audience. Our production team understands and uses sound marketing practices like direct response advertising and neuro-marketing techniques that are proven to succeed.

5. Target Market

The most effective videos are ones that speak and connect with the viewer. The viewer has received some value, either entertainment or education and in return this provokes an action or response. Knowing your target market is crucial. Our production crew has the experience in identifying a target market and speak directly to them creating that connection between brand or message and consumer.

6. Distribution

LG Digital has seen how social media has emerged as the best way to promote and market your brand. A creative video has the potential to go viral in just a few minutes so the advantage to social media is the fast response that you will get. It has the capacity to turn little known products into household names. Even if your video isn’t the next You Tube sensation it is essential that you use a company that understands how to get your video seen and distributed to optimize the latest tools available. LG Digital will develop a plan for distributing your production as this is a must before the camera starts to roll to avoid wasting time and money.

Make the right choice. Hire the best corporate video production team, LG Digital, so you can sit back and enjoy the unlimited benefits.

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