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Your website says everything about your company and is most likely the single most important part of your online strategy.   LG Digital creates websites that will act as the heart and blood of your online campaigns.  They are tailored specifically to handle your needs and beautifully designed.   We have full time developers ready to build you a site from scratch or upgrade your existing site.  Contact us for a free quote now. 


Below are examples of websites we have created with some info on the capabilities and purpose.

Green Planet Nutrients

Green Planet Wholesale is a wholesale distributor of gardening equipment. This E-commerce site was needed to handle both the retailers and consumers needs. With a simple login a retailer can unlock products and prices not seen to the consumers. Including creating orders on account. This extensive site has over 100 videos and dozens of downloadable PDF’s created to educate the end consumer on the products. It has a custom nutrient calculator and worldwide store and distributor locator. This is a unique completely customized site that is loaded with too many features and resources to list.

Pacific Northwest Garden Supply

PNW Garden Supply with 7 retail locations in British Columbia wanted an ecommerce site that showcases a staggering 2,000+ unique products online. Features includes time scheduled offers, one click discounts, and multiple variables for products. Amazon style functions like up sells and cross promotional items are recommended based off purchases. Social sharing options and wish lists are created for individual accounts. Tons of valuable resources are spread through out the site, product videos and Google map store locator are just some of the features that make this more than just a place to purchase goods but also a place to get educated on the products.

Big Mountain Foods

Big Mountain Foods manufactures healthy veggie burgers and distributes them in the largest grocery food chains in Canada. The website has a very colourful and stylish design. This site has a blog feel as this website was built as a place to share recipes and encourage feed back from the consumer. The website is a connecting point of philosophy of healthy living. The site also conveys the family history along with bios further connecting manufacturer to consumer. News articles, testimonials and accolades all help solidify consumer confidence to an already award winning product.

Growing Exposed

Growing Exposed has a responsive design that optimizes with mobile devices. Created for a series this website is packed with video. The main purpose is to stream monthly episodes in addition to behind the scenes extras. The full width slider helps to give it a stylish look and at the same time, very modern. The website was purposely branded with the look and feel of the series graphics plus the rest of the existing social media channels.

Atlas Sun Systems

Atlas Sun Systems constructs high quality sun rooms and pergolas. They requested a basic website with a simple and professional look. There might be nothing fancy here but the site has important information like warranty information, financing and social media links. The photo gallery is for customers to get ideas prior to selecting and choosing a style. The website is also used as a lead generation tool with a contact form that is used to request free quotes.

Speed Wash

Speedwash is Canada’s fastest and newest automatic car wash facility. With a huge focus on social media advertising Speedwash is driving thousands of people to this home page. It has the classic landing page layout that allows them to watch a video, gives them an offer and prompts them to sign up. The site is complete with a large video gallery with videos spanning pre-construction to current events. This is a basic design with huge functionality. All sign up forms gets customer the info forward into lists of data bases for further marketing purposes.


Hydroselect is a massive e-commerce website with over 5,000 products and 200+ videos. Hydroselect is a very intelligent site that will notify the owners of the site when a customer leaves the site with something still in the cart. This allows for an email sequence to follow up to create the sale. Specific requirements were built in like shipping and taxes so they could calculated by region allowing only purchases to be done in the United States.

Jeff’s Plumbing

Jeff’s Plumbing was a simple site used to collect leads for a local plumber. Sometimes all you need is site that says what you do and who you are. This type of website is great for someone who doesn’t to be updating anything. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy because sometimes customers just need a place that people can go and see hours of operation and a list of business services.

Growing Society

Growing Society is a weekly blog about growing your own food in your backyard. This is a site packed with content and articles that can easily be shared with social media channels. One of the best features we build into this site is an integrated e-mail program. Anytime new content or a new article is written the site will scan itself and create an e-mail sending out a newsletter at a specified time. This is also integrated into their newsletter sign up.

D6 Construction

D6 Construction is a site used to showcase past jobs and to generate leads from visiting customers. With a full width banner and dynamic images that drop down it has a modern feel. This site reacts like it should and is mobile friendly. With a video on the home page you are able to take action and contact them with one button. The gallery is a really nice feature on this site because it groups the photos into categories for easy sorting.

The Garden Sage

The Garden Sage opens up the home page with an impressive full screen video. It has lots of custom graphics and comes with a working timeline of the history of The Garden Sage. This site is also an e-commerce set up to sell books about growing plants. There is a unique photo gallery which incorporates a video that is very eye catching and dynamic. There is a full blog section that will showcase this Author’s articles. Is a site with an action packed intro video playing full screen prompting you to play a movie. The purpose of this site is to have a home to stream an independent movie. They required a easy to use layout for both a video and a photo gallery.

Loaded Gun Productions

Loaded Gun Productions – This site is really cool. Each graphic was created individually and gave it a really custom look. Loaded Gun Productions is a website that is used primary to showcase past work and services for this production company. With individual bio’s you can read more about the team and backgrounds in film. This site creates has created many leads for the company and kept them in contact with fans through the submission form.

Ruthless Racing Inc.

This road racing team had some specific requirements about calendars and up to date social media plug ins to keep fans in the loop. The dynamic full screen graphic gives the home page an extreme look while the bottom of the page has a professional corporate look. Functional and looks awesome for the demographic they are going after.

St Luke

St Luke Lutheran is a website designed to display current and upcoming events for a local church. With locations and service times the congregation has a place to view whats new.

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