A Professional SEO Agency At BARGAIN Prices

For more than 10 years, SEOProlab has been providing agency-quality SEO services, without charging the ridiculously inflated prices!

We’ll carefully research, plan and execute personalized high-quality SEO strategies for you – delivering solid results and an impressive return on investment at a fraction of the cost you’d expect to pay; as little as $197 per month.

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We will research your market and your competitors, and evaluate your current website and keywords, to fully understand your industry and what it will take to rank your site.


We will determine the best comprehensive SEO plan for you, from site optimization to linking strategy. From online content distribution to analytics and mobile compatibility.


We will work with you to implement any needed site changes, while building quality backlinks and increasing online visibility – improving your rankings and increasing your revenue.

SEO Developed Over The Past 10 Years

SEO is not just one thing, it is several very important things that come together to make one full, logical valuable package we sum as Search Engine Optimization. 

You probably don’t understand all of it, but we do here at SEOProLab. 
We always follow SEO approaches that are working RIGHT NOW!



As a SEOProLab client, you’ll receive all the expert services and support you’d expect from SEO agencies charging five or ten times the price.
How is that possible?
It’s simple: we don’t have expensive offices or take you out for fancy dinners, and we don’t add the huge markups that most agencies do.
We operate lean and mean, and pass the savings on to you – at prices as low as $197 per month.


We work tirelessly to ensure the success of your campaign and get you to the top of the SERPs.
But just as important will be your return on investment, since SEO leads turn into sales at a rate of 14.6%, compared to only 1.7% with direct mail or print.
We’ll get you those profitable, qualified leads.
And the fact that you’ll be paying SEOProLab’s bargain prices will also greatly improve your ROI.


When you hire some SEO companies, you’re really just buying a bunch of links.
SEOProLab goes much further than that, providing comprehensive digital marketing and optimization plans as well.
We’ll address social media marketing possibilities, content marketing on authority sites in your industry, reputation management, and even work with you to optimize your digital marketing conversion rates.


Our award-winning research, marketing and SEO staff members have been ranking websites for almost a decade.

They’ve stayed on top of the very latest strategic shifts, from algorithm changes to the importance of social media and online brand building, and continually test and implement new methods to stay on top of developments in the industry – and on top of the search engine rankings.


We don’t believe in quick-fix, black-hat approaches to SEO, which can endanger your site or even cause it to be banned from Google forever.
We develop clean, white-hat strategies which follow the search engines’ recommended best practices and build your rankings for the long run.
We’re also on top of all algorithm updates and will make sure your individual strategy and site are in full compliance.


SEOProLab won’t just be your SEO provider, we’ll be your partner. You’ll get hourly rankings, and monthly reports.
And we’ll always be available to discuss the progress of your campaign, possible strategy changes, or just to say “hello.” Unparalleled support is just one more benefit you’ll get, while paying budget prices for top-of-the-line SEO services.

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